Strange Secret Sacred Love Cards 

 Strange Secret Sacred Love Cards is a set of quotes that function like an oracle or instrument of divination, which invite you to reflect in your own seasons of love. The poetic phrases may be Strange (uncommon, riddle-like), Secret (containing fragments from private correspondence), or Sacred (influenced by spirituality).

Described as “artistic inspiration in its shortest form”, Strange Secret Sacred is an uncanny collection, full of both the universal and the personal. Unlike any other set of cards, these come with their own soundtrack!

Strange Secret Sacred Music is now available online as a Free Download on

The present design, in easier to shuffle format, was created with the help of Catherine Gerbrands, and is available now for purchase in Greenwich, London. You can find the Love Cards today in the wonderful gift shop named Dragonfly for £20.00 a pack! If you would like your set right away, this is Dragonfly’s website:

Blessings and Love to ALL


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